It All Starts With Trust

Bosley Real Estate is a company that is rich with seasoned managers who have spent a great deal of time in organized real estate. We count three past Toronto Real Estate Board Presidents, two past Canadian Real Estate Association Presidents, two Past Chairs of our governing body, The Real Estate Council of Ontario, and two current sitting real estate board members. Our strength lies in our training, continuing education and Mastermind programs. As a result our advice, across all topics, is the most accurate and professional.

Should You List Your Home Exclusively or Use MLS?

While most people list their homes on MLS, there may be situations where an exclusive listing agreement is a better choice. Either way, it is important to have an agent that understands the procedure for both.

Multiple Offers Explained

Our own Keith Tarswell, Broker/Manager of the Danforth office and Past Chair of the Real Estate Council of Ontario, explains what multiple offers are and how you should deal with them. Generally they can be fraught with problems so it is always advisable to set the ground rules early and make sure your agent knows what they are doing.

Do I have To Accept An Offer On My Property?

Our Broker/Manager and Legal Counsel offers his expert opinion on the popular topic. If you have a property for sale and you receive a full price offer, are you obligated to accept? Conversely, Bill explains the perils of setting your sale price low to generate bidding wars.

  What Goes Into Listing A Home For Sale?

Some people think that listing a home is only about exposing it to the MLS system, but the reality is that most of the work actually happens before hand. Kim Kehoe, sales rep from our Queen West office, explains in detail the full service proposition.

Toronto's Emerging Neighbourhoods

How do you spot an emerging neighbourhood in Toronto? Toronto Real estate expert advice from David Coffey on how to assess which neighbourhood is about to boom next.

What's Different About Buying A NEW Home?

Are you considering buying a new home or a house that has undergone a major renovation? In Toronto, it is important to have an agent that understands the nuances of each and who can provide you with relevant information on Warranties and builder history. Bosley Real Estate has been providing home buyers and sellers with accurate information since 1928.

Why Do I Need A Buyer Representation Agreement?

Why do I need a Buyer Representation Agreement? Expert Real Estate advice from Bosley's Bill Johnston.